Dorplex Banff Decorative Glass Exterior Door

Dorplex Banff 22x48 Steel Exterior Door with 2x S10 Steel Sidelite Example
Dorplex Banff Glass Privacy Level
The Dorplex Banff exterior door is from their Canadian Legacy Collection. Each system is designed and built to exacting standards. Every detail says quality, from clear glass to intricate design. The street appeal of Dorplex’s decorative glass has never been more welcoming than with the Canadian Legacy collection. Let your entry system send a message to your guests that your home is a welcoming abode.
Dorplex Banff Glass Detail

Dorplex Banff Image Gallery

We offer you the latest in color trends and styles. Take advantage of our expertise in factory pre-finishing and staining. Choose from one of thirty-nine designer paint colors and give your home the “wow!” factor. Dorplex Door Color Options
Get the ultimate in performance and appearance with fiberglass doors. These doors won’t dent, crack or split. In addition, they provide five times the insulation value of a wood door Dorplex Fiberglass Door Stain Options


The door sweep sits at the bottom of the door and lines up with the sill. Our durable door sweep is made with 10 fins to stop cold, wind and rain from entering your home. The sweep has a vinyl cap on the inside to hide the unsightly screws used to fasten the sweep to the door. We use mohair fins which do not freeze or tear.

Dorplex Door Sweep


The door light frame will hold the decorative light in place in your door system. Our frame is made of a strong foam PVC material that resists warping. It is made of a non-yellowing material and comes with a screw cap cover to hide the fastening screws. The frame is sealed with three co-extruded seals that do not require sealant which tends to ooze out when heated.

Dorplex Doorlite Frame


Your quality door system begins with the best quality wood available. We only use pine finger-jointed wood with no knots. Our wood is all Canadian home grown lumber.

Dorple Pine Finger-Jointed Door Frame


We use a premium 24 gauge steel slab that is factory prefinished to resist rusting. The slab styles are made from pine finger jointed pressure treated prefinished wood. The wood styles have no knots. The lock block is 16” which will accommodate almost all hardware. The door slab is filled with a polyurethane insulation that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We offer a huge variety of door lights that will compliment every taste and style. Our door lite cutting machine accurately cuts the door light opening to ensure the glass fits perfectly into the opening.

Dorplex 24 Guage Steel Slab


We use doors with a laminated vinyl cladding systems that is glued to the wood substrate. This product is a far superior product to other doors on the market. It will not buckle or warp under intense heat which is a major concern with your typical vinyl cladding. The wrap is also applied to the inside of the jamb allowing the customer to have a finished system that does not require painting after the install.

Dorplex Laminated Vinyl Cladding


All our systems come with an 8-gauge steel guardian plate that is fastened to the outside of the door frame. The hardware latch and strike plate are fastened to this plate to reinforce the lock block section of the door. This provides added peace-of-mind and reduces the occurrence of break-ins.

Dorplex Steel Guardian Plate


Our brickmold is very aesthetically pleasing and comes in 1-5/8” and 2-1/8” to meet your measurement requirements.

Dorplex Brickmold


The weather stripping is inserted into the door post to prevent air infiltration. We use a premium Z-Mag weather stripping system that embraces both magnetic and compression technology for a far superior seal. We also offer compression weatherstripping. These are both available in white and black. We also have beige available in the compression weatherstripping.

Dorplex Weatherstripping


There are sill options to meet your desired application. Our sills come with a thick aluminum extrusion and a wood sub-sill. This strong sill gives your door system the base strength required to support the door and glass components. Black anodized sills and wheelchair accessible sills are also available.

Dorplex Sill Options (left to right): Standard 1-1/8” Aluminum Sill, Standard 1-1/8” Black Anodized Sill, High Profile 1-3/4” Aluminum Sill, High Profile 1-3/4” Black Anodized Sill, High Profile 1-3/4” Aluminum Sill with Vinyl Crown, High Profile 1-3/4” Black Anodized Sill with Vinyl Crown, Wheelchair Accessible 1/2” Aluminum Sill.


The hinge is the only hardware that fastens the door to its post. Dorplex uses premium ball bearing hinges to allow the door to move more freely through the entrance way. The hinge is fastened to the post using lock nuts. This prevents the door from sagging and thus becoming out of square and difficult to operate. They also offer decorative hinges that will enhance the interior of your entrance way.
Dorplex Hinge Types (left to right): Ball Bearing Hinges, Self Closing Hinges
Dorplex Hinge Colors (left to right): Silver Hinges, Brass Hinges, Black Matte Hinges, Black Chrome Hinges


Caming is the metal banding that joins panels of glass together in a unique design. Simply said, it is “the lead in leaded glass”. Choose a caming finish that coordinates your door hardware, outdoor fixtures and interior furnishings to fit your personal style. It may seem like a small detail but it can have a big impact on the overall look of your entryway.

Dorplex Caming Options (left to right): Patina Caming, Black Chrome Caming, Brass Caming, Copper Caming, Nickel Caming, Zinc Caming


Dorplex Frame Prefinishing Options (left to right): Standard Wood Frame Prefinishing, Laminate White Frame Prefinishing, Laminated Grained Unstained Frame Prefinishing, Vinyl Clad Interior Frame Prefinishing, Steel Clad Exterior White Frame Prefinishing, Interior Vinyl Clad and Exterior Steel Clad Frame Prefinishing


Dorplex Weatherstrip Options (left to right): White Compression Weatherstrip Option, White Compression and Magnetic Weatherstrip Option, Black Compression Weatherstrip Option, Black Compression and Magnetic Weatherstrip Option, Beige Compression Weatherstrip Option

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When you are shopping for new windows, you need to consider the durability of the materials as well as the quality of installation that is available from the contractor.

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