Dorplex Decorative Glass Exterior Doors

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Customize It

Select one of Dorplex's 39 colours to give your front door some personality. Pick a colour that fits you, or bring in your own colour to be matched.

Dorplex Door Sweep

The door sweep sits at the bottom of the door and lines up with the sill. Our durable door sweep is made with 10 fins to stop cold, wind and rain from entering your home. The sweep has a vinyl cap on the inside to hide the unsightly screws used to fasten the sweep to the door. We use mohair fins which do not freeze or tear.

The weather stripping is inserted into the door post to prevent air infiltration. We use a premium Z-Mag weather stripping system that embraces both magnetic and compression technology for a far superior seal. We also offer compression weatherstripping. These are both available in white and black. We also have beige available in the compression weatherstripping.

Dorplex Hinge Types (left to right): Ball Bearing Hinges, Self Closing Hinges
Comfort King offers 2 different hinges for your door: the ball bearing hinge and self-closing style. They are held in place using lock nuts to last for years without sagging and causing a door to become difficult to open. With premium ball bearings, your door will glide smoothly and freely from open to close.

Want something a little more colourful? Below you can see the different colour options for your hinges. You can also ask us about our selection of decorative hinges.

Your front door would not be finished without a matching sill beneath it. They help give the frame strength and sweep away dirt and water. Our sills are wheelchair accessible and you are able to choose from a few different colours.

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