Benefits of Sliding Doors

May 12, 2016 | Patio Doors

Looking to update your patio doors, just in time for a full season of summer fun? You want functional and aesthetic doors that allow you to enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible. Consider sliding doors for the job, as they offer beauty to any home. Visit Comfort King or contact us today to view our huge range of styles for doors in Kanata and Ottawa. We can direct you to the perfect doors for your home, lifestyle, budget and tastes.

3 Advantages of Sliding Doors

Not sure whether sliding doors are the best for your back entryway or another area of your home? Consider the following three advantages of this particular door style and reach out to our door and window experts in Ottawa to learn more.

  1. Sightlines – You can make any space feel larger with sliding doors. The glass panels allow you to have a full view of your backyard or patio and can make your home feel larger. Get great views of the changing seasons and enjoy the feeling of being closer to nature, even if you are sitting indoors. You can also keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard while you are inside or check on the dog without having to go too far.
  2. Function – The doors slide easily and allow you to move large objects through them. This versatility means you’ll enjoy your sliding doors even more when you are carrying heavy objects or simply heading out to enjoy a few drinks on the patio. While they slide easily, they are also safe and secure with easy-to-use but tough-to-crack locking devices.
  3. Aesthetics – Enjoy letting the sun’s rays in your home all day long with these sliding panels. From fresh morning light to mid-day rays and that evening glow, you’ll appreciate seeing your home bathed in natural light. The glass creates a natural, seamless and subtle design feature in any space, allowing the beauty of nature to become part of your room.

Looking for sliding doors for your home in Kanata or Ottawa? Comfort King can answer your questions about efficient, functional and gorgeous doors and windows for your home. Check out our huge selection of door styles and let us guide you through everything from selection to installation and maintenance care.

Contact us online to learn more about energy efficient windows and doors or call 613-526-4550 in the Ottawa, ON area. If you are located in Orleans, you can reach us at 613-590-2502 to request a quote.

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